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There’s No Place Like Home

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There’s a lot to love about home. Whether it’s the memories of good times with family and friends or simply the comfort of familiar surroundings, home is just a special place to be. You may feel that way too, but if you find yourself needing help with everyday tasks, you may wonder how you’ll manage.

Optimal Home Health Care understands. We provide a wide range of services that can help you maintain your independence and enhance the quality of your life.

No matter your reason for loving your home, Optimal Home Health Care can help you stay there. We even offer Family Room, a convenient online portal that your family members can visit to view every aspect of your care, allowing them to stay in the loop and make sure that you are getting all of the care that you need.

Services We Offer

Optimal Home Health Care is proud to provide residents of Massachusetts with the attentive and professional care that they deserve. We proudly offer home health care services to Bristol, Norfolk, and Plymouth counties, as well as parts of Middlesex and Worcester counties.


Personal Care

Assistance with bathing, hygiene, shaving, hair styling, nail care, foot care, skin care, denture care, brushing teeth, toileting, and incontinence care.


Light Housekeeping

Dust, vacuum, laundry, change sheets/bed linens, sweeping and cleaning floors, bathroom, cleaning out expired items in the fridge, organizing, and clean dishes.


Meal Preparation/Nutrition

Meal planning according to any dietary needs, meal preparation, clean up, and encourage and monitor fluid intake.


Alzheimer’s And Dementia Safe Care

Management of outbursts and agitation, monitor for wandering, encouraging participation in activities of daily living, maintain routine, mental stimulation, and care for Alzheimer’s and nutrition.


Errands & Transportation

Transportation to and from appointments, recreational trips, shopping, accompany to and from weddings and funerals.


Hospice Assistance

Provide additional support during hours that hospice care is unable to be there, personal care, emotional support, maintaining comfort, turning and repositioning, and incontinence management and care.


Hospice Assistance

Medication reminders, monitoring the medication supply and ordering new prescriptions if necessary.