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Meeting Your Needs

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Everyone has unique needs. That’s why Optimal Home Health Care offers a variety of customized services that are available 24/7, allowing you to pick and choose the services needed for your individual situation.

To keep loved ones in the loop, we offer Family Room, a convenient online portal that they can visit for details about every aspect of your care.

We also provide care for assisted living, group home, or nursing home residents that is designed to complement the services that you’re already receiving in these facilities.

Getting Started Is Simple


An Optimal Home Health Care team member will answer any questions you may have. Some general demographic information will be taken and we will discuss the type of services you are interested in. If you have any additional questions, please call us at 508-499-0483.


An evaluation appointment will be made to meet with you. This meeting will take about 45 minutes. Topics reviewed will be past medical history, allergies, services that Optimal provides, and questions regarding your individualized plan of care.


If you decide to start home health care services, we will begin to arrange for in-home caregiver visits with someone who is right for you.