Hospice care provides your family and your loved one with the support that they need during a difficult time. At Optimal Home Health Care in North Attleborough, we will work with your family to create a plan to make your loved one as comfortable as possible. If you’re seeking hospice care for a loved one or you’ve recently received a referral from a physician, please contact Optimal Home Health Care to get started today.

When is Hospice Care Needed?

Hospice care is typically provided for those who have severe or terminal illnesses with a life expectancy of six months or less. Instead of spending the rest of their days in a hospital, many people prefer to bring their loved one home so that they be among family and friends. Hospice care allows family members to move their loved one home without decreasing their level of care.

How Does Hospice Care Work?

Once you have brought your loved one home from the hospital, a team of hospice care workers will collaborate with you and your family to provide your loved one with the proper care that they need to stay comfortable. This may include turning and repositioning throughout the day and night, maintaining comfort, or even providing personal care. Additionally, hospice provides family members with emotional support as well as any other assistance that is needed.

Contact Optimal Home Health Care

If your loved one is nearing the end of their life due to illness, hospice care provides you with the opportunity to bring them home to the comfort of their own home. At Optimal Home Health Care, our caretakers strive to provide your loved one with all of the care and support that is needed. If you are interested in learning more about hospice care and the other services offered by Optimal Home Health Care in North Attleborough, browse our website and contact us to get started today.